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The MiniKini Story

By Teri Baker, founder

I have worked in the hair and beauty industry over twenty five years. I was first asked about colouring pubic hair about fifteen years ago. A lady client who regularly came into the salon for both hair and beauty asked me one day if I could pop round to her house for a cup of tea after work as she needed some advice and it was a little sensitive to discuss in the salon.

It turned out that the lady who was around fifty years of age had started a new relationship which was going well and looking likely to progress to the next step.

Her worry was that not only did she have fifty percent of grey hair on her head she was getting on that way down below and she was very embarrassed about it. I was 35 years old then and it was something I had never thought of or even realised, the fact that you would go grey there also. She asked if it would be okay to use her normal hair colour to overcome the problem. Unfortunately, normal hair colour would have been too harsh to use in such a sensitive area. So I was unable to help… As time went by, I was asked the same question again and again and so the idea was always in my mind that it was a problem that needed solving.

Eventually, by working with a UK manufacturer who specialised in organic hair colour I was able to solve the problem and in January 2007 I launched MiniKini colour, the world’s first colour for pubic hair. Since then, for many women, Minikini is now an important part of their beauty regime for the bikini line.

Feeling good about the way you look brings confidence and if Minikini plays a part then I am very happy.