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I have had vitiligo since the age of 16 and am now 53. My whole body including body hair is now completely white. I tried miniKINI and am delighted to say it has coloured my pubic hair successfully and has lasted well for 4 weeks. I am very happy with the result and will continue to use miniKINI.

Janet Milner, Scotland

Saw the Alan Titchmarsh show at 3pm and his quest sex advisor was talking about your miniKINI so i decided to give it a try. Wow it really works.

A Jones, Doncaster

Hi, I would like to feature the miniKINI kit in the Sept issue of ELLE Middle East. A product that would do very well in this part of the world! Would it be possible for you to send me some high-res images (one or 2 would do) Do you have any stockists in the Middle East?

Carole Cormelle, Middle East

My Wife saw a product on GMTV this morning but could not remember the name so I looked on the Web and found your product. Great idea sent for some Dark Brown I will let you know how I get on.

Gary, Cardiff

Read about your company in the British Good Housekeeping magazine. I live in Hong Kong, but I get that magazine every month. Thank you for shipping my order!

Jo, Hong Kong

It was in the November issue of Good Housekeeping. I believe it was within the Health and Beauty section, but not as an advert, more a review of the latest beauty treatments etc.

Thanks for your prompt attention by the way.

Jacqueline Anderson, London

Heard about you from your Advert in “SHE” magazine – What great idea! I have just sent for Super Blonde so I can now be a true Blonde!!!

Angela Smith, Berkshire

I heard about you in “She” Magazine, (advert at back of mag). I had been looking for a product like this for ages!! Look forward to receiving product.

Amanda, Hayes

Yes, it was an article on page 203 of Good Housekeeping “Beauty’s latest cut and colour.” It put a smile on my face when I read it – but hey, why not!!!

Bernardine, Dublin

In a fashion mag (sept or october edition) she. It’s so nice to have a product on the market now to get rid of my grey hair down stairs. Many thanks minikini.

Hils, Barnsley

Good Housekeeping Magazine was where I saw the ad in a ‘Good looks’feature Great concept. Thank you.

Linda, Swindon

I read about it in Good Housekeeping magazine. My first response was great about time someone brought this out for us ladies.

Ann Dutfield, Neath, South Wales

I heard of your company due to your products being advertised in the current issue of Good Housekeeping. What a great idea and it’s manufactured in the U K well done can’t wait to use it. Looking forward to receiving my order.

Sara Cooper, Somerset

Many thanks for the quick delivery, most impressed with the product. It was Good Housekeeping where I first saw the write up on new cut and colour. It did make me smile.

But over all, I am very pleased.

France, North Wales

Thank you for the prompt response. I heard about your product during a piece that was featured on the Alan Titchmarsh afternoon show on ITV, one day last week. I have now tried Dark Blonde I am very pleased with the result, I will be ordering some more.

Pat Denham, Co. Derry

My wife found mention of your product in Good Housekeeping magazine. The product arrived, thank you, but has yet to be tried out.

Roger Baker, Bristol

I heard about your product from Good Housekeeping magazine. I could not believe there was a product on the market for that area. Tried it and now I am hooked. Ladies you must get in 21st century and try this product it’s so easy to use and now I feel stylish & more sexy. Many thanks miniKINI.

Helen, St Albans

Watched Alan Titchmarsh show. I sent for some and when I used it I was well impressed, many thanks quick service.

Sharon Hunt, London

Hi, it was the good housekeeping magazine. I thought what a great idea, I am sure you will sell loads, I have told my friends at a party I was at so I think you will be hearing from them as it did spies the night up minikini was talked about most of the night.

Susan, Southampton

It was featured on the Alan Titchmarsh afternoon show by Julie Peasgood and she mentioned it’s good for chest hair! My hubby will be delighted if I can restore his chest to it’s former glory – might even get his medallion & Saturday Night Fever outfit out of storage!!!

Marion, Liverpool

Hi I heard about your product in an article in Good Housekeeping magazine. So I thought I might buy some for my wife!!! We had some fun and I must say it looks great, keep it coming!!!

Colin Church, Manchester

That’s quite the claim to fame! "Colour down under"...

I heard of your product through a regular email that I get – Daily Candy. I think it was recommending a beauty salon that uses your product in the UK. I have just used the Red it looks great.

Many thanks great service

Robyn Godlee, New Zealand

Thank you for your swift response, very impressed, My husband found the advert in the back of my SHE magazine! I have also sent a link to my friend in Australia! So you may here from her too.

Ruth Jones, Lancashire

Wow that was swift service – thank you very much!

I saw your advert in the latest edition of She magazine (July 2007) I have now tried the Dark Brown works wonders I now look more youthful down there.

Jackie Darlow, Wales

miniKINI has been a virgin experience for us. Our clients love the way we always bring new and exciting things to their attention – its what we are good at and with such an excellent product so easy, simple and discreet to use our clients love us all the more.

Joanna Stephens, The Joseph's Experience, Flitwick, Beds

It looks so natural. It doesn't have that horrible fake matt look.


The first one that I've not had an allergic reaction to! It's amazing I'm allergic to everything and going grey at 41 isn't what I wanted to put up with. It covered my greys and blended them in so that there is no obvious sticking out grey hairs which is perfect.

Lorriane B